Burne-Jones, The Pre-Raphaelites and Their Century

Author Hilary Morgan & Peter Nahum
Publisher Peter Nahum Ltd. (1989)
ISBN 1872508014
Price £30.00
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A4 format hardback, 324 pages with 189 illustrations in full colour.
Burne-Jones, The Pre-Raphaelites and Their Century is one of the most scholarly books on the period, written by Hilary Morgan and edited by Peter Nahum with contributions by Christopher Newall. The detailed index will help both scholars and the curious.
It contains ground-breaking essays on: The Nineteenth Century - A Hundred Years On; Before the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood; The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the Influence of Ruskin; Burne-Jones Drawings; The Flower Book; Giovanni and the Etruscan School and Pre-Raphaelitism and the Fin-de-Siecle.
This lavishly illustrated book and catalogue of 19th century works has been an important source for academics and collectors since its publication.