Country: England
Lived: 1844 - 1905


Born in London, Marian's father was a watercolour painter and taught her his skills; she was also taught and encouraged by Margaret Gillies and Henry Warren. She is best known for her work in watercolour of still lives, flowers and fruit. Marian Chase exhibited at the Liverpool Academy (1865), Royal Academy (1866–77), Dudley Gallery (1866–71), Society of Female Artists (1866–92), Society of British Artists (1868–71), Royal Hibernian Academy (1870–98), and Institute of Painters in Oil Colours (1884). She was also represented at the Universal Exhibition of 1871, the Paris Exhibition of 1889, and at exhibitions in Melbourne, Australia, and Philadelphia, USA. The vast majority of her paintings however appeared at the Institute of Painters in Water Colours (1875–1905); she became a member in 1879. In 1888 she was awarded a silver medal by the Royal Botanical Society. She died from heart failure in 1905. The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum hold examples of Chase's work.