Country: Scotland
Lived: 1893 - 1980

Biography of COWAN DOBSON

Cowan Dobson was a portrait painter, born in Bradford Yorkshire, the son of renowned Scottish artist Henry John Dobson. He is mainly known for his figurative oil paintings, although he did occasionally work in watercolour. In his early career Dobson worked in his father’s studio near Dumfries and Galloway. Recognition and commercial success enabled him to rent Kenmure Castle, where he resided in 1930s and 1940s. During that time he painted highly successful portraits of important members of the Scottish society.

His paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts London, The Royal Scottish Academy of Arts, The Royal Society of British Artists, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Royal Cambrian Academy and the Salon des Artistes Français between 1930 and 1935.