Peter & Renate Nahum loan to Albert Moore. Of Beauty and Aesthetics, at Museum De Buitenplaats and York Art Gallery

Dates From 10/12/2016 to 01/10/2017
Museum De Buitenplaats and York Art Gallery (UK) present an exhibition dedicated to the nineteenth-century painter Albert Moore (1841-1893). It is the first time that a monographic exhibition of his work has been displayed since his death in 1893. The exhibition, in addition to the artistic development of his work, also shows his quest for beauty and aesthetics who was both a friend of James Mc... read more »

Past Venues and Dates

10/12/2016 untill 19/03/2017 Museum De Buitenplaats More Info »
07/04/2017 untill 01/10/2017 York Art Gallery More Info »