The Good Life

NOEL JACK COUNIHAN (1913-1986) Biography

The Good Life (Australia, c.1968)

Black chalk on paper
Signed and dated 68


52.50cm high
76.00cm wide
(20.67 inches high)
(29.92 inches wide)
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Description / Expertise

For nearly ten years in the 60's and 70's most of what he painted or drew was influenced by his opposition to the war in Vietnam.

He expressed this via three major themes in his work Boy in a Helmet, The Laughing Christ and The Good Life.

The Good Life theme appeared in various forms: prints, drawings and paintings.

Two main notions are involved: the destruction of impoverished Asians by uncaring affluent whites and the obscenity as the young people saw it of conscripting twenty year olds for the war by public lottery while the rest of the population placed no restrictions on “la dolce vita”.

The satirical treatment of the theme can be related to his experience as a caricaturist and as a cartoonist.
One Good Life painting is in the Art Gallery of South Australia, another owned by the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory.

Pat Counihan January 7 1990