NOEL JACK COUNIHAN (1913-1986) Biography

Demonstrator (Australia, c.1976)

Pencil on paper
Signed and dated 76


69.70cm high
53.30cm wide
(27.44 inches high)
(20.98 inches wide)
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Pat Counihan, the artist's widow; to 1990

Description / Expertise

In 1976 Noel Counihan made a number of drawings on related themes of protest and violent confrontation of police and demonstrators.

He made several linocuts and a woodcut-only of women demonstrators. Titles given the series were Demonstrator(s)or Protester(s), Scenes of Violence and Falling Figures. He was influenced to make the Falling Figures by media pictures of South African policemen beating black demonstrators, although the drawings contain neither police nor blacks, only one or more figures off balance.

The drawing in question combines Noel's sympathy for women and their aspirations with his long experience of public protest.

Pat Counihan January 7th 1990