LES MIRRIKKURRIYA (1932-1996) Biography
AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL (founded 48000 BCE) Biography

Borlkdjam (Australia, c.1985)

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190.00cm high
81.40cm wide
(74.80 inches high)
(32.05 inches wide)
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Maningrida Arts and Crafts

Description / Expertise

This painting is about a site near Borlkdjam, in Balngnarra clan lands, known as Mumurrurnbe.

The tree in the middle is under ground at a place where Djanggerr made a spring. The Rainbow Serpent, along with Borlung, exists there still. Borlung is above ground whereas Djanggerr lives underwater.

The oval shapes represent Ngua'Tna (their excreta)

“You can see it at rain time”

At the top is growing Djanpa - Banyan Tree

The artist does not live close to this site, so his two younger brothers take care of it.