Lazarus in the House of the Rich Man


Lazarus in the House of the Rich Man (Belgium, 1610)

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Oil on panel


72.50cm high
159.00cm wide
(28.54 inches high)
(62.60 inches wide)
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Description / Expertise

A version of the present subject by Frans Francken II, which does not comprise the kitchen, is in the Brotmuseum, Ulm. A second version was offered at Sotheby's, Amsterdam, 2nd June 1986, lot 80 (76 x 106 cm). The present work is the only complete version of this composition known; it is also on a larger scale than the other two panels. It may well be argued that this was the original version and that, because the other works were on a smaller scale, the younger Francken decided to limit the composition to render it more manageable.