When Sorrow comes to Summerday Roses bloom in Vain

JOHN MELHUISH STRUDWICK (1849-1937) Biography
PRE-RAPHAELITE (founded 1848) Biography

When Sorrow comes to Summerday Roses bloom in Vain (United Kingdom, c.1910)

Sold Sold
Oil on canvas
Painted c.1910


76.00cm high
51.00cm wide
(29.92 inches high)
(20.08 inches wide)
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The artist's family; to 1983

Description / Expertise

This is the last paining Strudwick painted before abandoning art for ever. His last public exhibit was in 1909 at the final exhibition of the New Gallery. The title of the painting expresses his sorrow. His initial success as a painter had come to an end when wealthy and influential patrons such as the Liverpool shipowners William Imrie and George Holt withdrew their support. The painting was left unfinished deliberately in protest at the seemingly orchestrated collapse of his career. It had remained in the artist's family until 1983, and it was they who told Peter Nahum (circa 1978) the above facts.