In Wisdom Thou hast made them All

EDWARD GEORGE HANDEL LUCAS (1861-1936) Biography

In Wisdom Thou hast made them All (England, 1882 - 1883)

Sold Sold
Oil on canvas
Signed and dated 1882-3, signed, fully inscribed and dated on reverse


61.00cm high
45.00cm wide
(24.02 inches high)
(17.72 inches wide)
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Private Collection 1935-1998


Croydon Parish Church Magazine (No.112), June 1883

Exhibition History

Brighton, Pavillion Picture Gallery, 1883, number 340

Description / Expertise

The painting was accepted by the Royal Academy in 1883 but not hung for want of space.

Mr E G HANDEL LUCAS, one of the Members of the Parish Church Choir, has again distinguished himself as an Artist. Two of his Pictures were accepted for this year's Academy. One of these, entitled `Of the Olden Time', is hung on the line. The other entitled `In Wisdom hast Thou made them all', although accepted, is not hung for want of space. It nevertheless certainly deserves a comment if only in the pages of our Parish Magazine. It represents a simple group of Camellias, easily arranged in a jug, but with the details so beautifully finished that every flower and every leaf seems to stand out complete by itself. The writer, moreover, was completely taken in, although close to the picture, by the representation of some drops of water which he imagined to have come there accidentally, and which he called to Mr.Lucas to wipe off lest they should do the picture any injury.