King Lear,  Act I, Scene I, Cordelia's farewell

After EDWIN AUSTIN ABBEY NA RA RI (1852-1911) Biography

King Lear, Act I, Scene I, Cordelia's farewell (United Kingdom, 1898)

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Gouache over photograph


26.50cm high
61.00cm wide
(10.43 inches high)
(24.02 inches wide)
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Description / Expertise

This period reproduction is after Edwin Austin Abbey's Royal Academy exhibit of 1898.

The title of the painting is accompanied by the following lines:
Ye jewels of our father, with washed eyes
Cordelia leaves you. I know what you are;
And, like a sister, am most loth to call
Your faults as they are named. Love well our father.
To your professed bosoms I commit him.
But yet, alas! stood I within his grace,
I would prefer him to a better place.
So farewell to you both.

The Royal Academy exhibit is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

This hand-colored print is typical of inexpensive reproductions sold directly by the artist through dealers to the general public.

E. A. Abbey was born and brought up in Philadelphia and settled permanently in England in 1878. He was a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy and continued to take commissions in America.