Caravan Halted by the Sea Shore

RICHARD DADD (1817-1886) Biography

Caravan Halted by the Sea Shore (England, 1843)

Not for Sale Not for Sale
Oil on Canvas
Signed and dated 1843


35.50inch high
59.50inch wide
(90.17 cm high)
(151.13 cm wide)
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Richard G. Reeves in 1857; purchased in England on a visit by Franz Ferdinand of Austria; sold in Vienna after his assassination in 1914


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Exhibition History

Liverpool Academy, 1843
Manchester, Art Treasures of the United Kingdom, 1857
London, Tate Gallery, Richard Dadd, 1974

Description / Expertise

Exhibited in Liverpool as A Group of Water Carriers, Men and Camels, at a Spring on the Sea Shore at Fortuna, near Mount Carmel, Syria. Dadd passed through Fortuna with his patron, Sir Thomas Phillips, in November 1942. This is the only picture he painted between his return from the Middle East in the Spring of 1843 and the murder of his father in Autumn of that year. During this Summer, his mental illness was at its most acute, and the apparently serene atmosphere of the composition is contradicted by the wild and malevolent look in the eyes of the camels and their attendants. The blazing expression in the eyes of the sitters was to remain a prominent feature in much of the work done during his susequent confinement in Bethlehem Hospital. A study for the naked boy with his back to the spectator is in the British Museum.