At Evening Time - Study


At Evening Time - Study (United Kingdom, 1864)

Sold Sold
Oil on panel
Signed and dated 1864


15.00cm high
16.50cm wide
(5.91 inches high)
(6.50 inches wide)
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Mr. Fitzpatrick, sold to him by the artist
Thos. Agnew & Son, Liverpool
Christie's 528Z


Rosamond Allwood, George Elgar Hicks Painter of Victorian Life, exhibition catalogue, Geffrye Museum London & Southampton Art Gallery, ILEA 1982, page 56 recording the artists notebook entry for 1864.

Description / Expertise

The model for the painting was Miss A Kelly.

In 1864, George Elgar Hicks sold three paintings to Mr. Fitzpatrick: This one for £15, the larger version of the same subject (25 x 30 inches) for £120 and A Lesson in Faith for £-110 “But when sent to his gallery offered a bill of hand. I refused to take it. He then refused the picture. I took it away.” This is the last painting Hicks sold to Mr. Fitzpatrick, although he purchased, in the same year, Croquet from the Royal Academy Winter Exhibition, which had been bought from Hicks by the London dealer Henry Wallis. Perhaps this was the end of Mr. Fitzpatrick's ambitions as a dealer as another entry on the sale of a painting in Hicks' notebooks that year reveals the economic climate: “Bespoken by Mr. Morley, but owing to badness of times, begged off - consented.